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Chili’s signature dishes and drinks don’t disappoint!

I remember a day when we had gone to Phoenix city mall for some work. My sister and I. Tired after our shopping expedition, we wandered into Chili’s. We were quite happy with our cocktails – the Presidente Margarita – which arrives at the table with a lot of drama. Both of us being fish lovers, we ordered the Vietnamese basa, which we were very happy with..

Fast forward a few years and I see that a new outlet of Chili’s has opened in Indiranagar. This is the first stand alone restaurant, the other two being part of a mall (Phoenix and Orion).

On a busy Sunday, after giving breakfast a miss (and to ensure we could eat a bit extra) – we head there for a meal on an invitation from the restaurant.

The delicious plate of starters

The delicious plate of starters

We settled for a plate of non-veg starters called Triple Dipper, which was quite substantial and comprised of chicken wings, friend chicken along with crunchy delicious cheese balls. The drinks on arrival looked rather gorgeous though a few sips later, we realised they didn’t have any spirit in them. We’d been served the non-alcoholic version – Minty Melon and Blue Pacific!

The Blue Pacific and the MInty Watermelon

The Blue Pacific and the Minty Melon

Our second round was the Presidente Margarita and the El Nino. I would definitely recommend the former. It comes in a small sized glass, but the cocktail shaker is kept beside you so you can keep pouring it till you’re done (and no, it’s not unlimited sadly). The other cocktails come in substantial large glasses – just make sure you don’t knock them over because they will create a mess! We also, tried the Long Island Iced tea, but I would avoid it since it didn’t have any zing to it. Also, the Pepsi added doesn’t really suit the recipe.

One of my favourites, the Presidente Margarita

One of my favourites, the Presidente Margarita

Anyway, after that plate of starters, we are ready for our mains.

Chili’s is known for their meat dishes and burgers – the baby back spare ribs and their steaks are good and the portions won’t leave you disappointed. Their grilled tenderloin steak is topped with garlic butter and served with mash, veggies and garlic toast. The manager tells us that they’re required to serve the same portions as the US counterparts.

The signature steak

The signature steak

The signature steak, available in medium and well done

Available in medium and well done

The baby back spare ribs are also another speciality of Chili's

The baby back spare ribs are also another speciality of Chili’s

Looking around the restaurant, it made sense why families tend to like the place. The portions keeps everyone happy. On a weekend it tends to get busy so be prepared for it to be rather noisy. They also stick to the main menu in all outlets, but have different specials and festivals depending on the season and the audience they’re catering to.

Since you’re in Chili’s, try out the Terlingua Chili – inspired by the name of the original chili cook off in Texas. They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. It’s their signature dish and worth a shot.

The dish that Chili's is named after - they have both the veg and non-veg versions

The dish that Chili’s is named after – they have both the veg and non-veg versions

We tried the prawn pasta, which I found a bit too “Indian” tasting, but apparently people like it because it’s flavoured with Indian spices. The dish is very large though and comes in a thick sauce with quite a lot of garnish and vegetables – I think even three people could have easily shared it.
Slightly spicy, but a large and wholesome dish if you want something filling!

Slightly spicy, but a large and wholesome dish if you want something filling!

The disadvantage of going with one other person is that there’s only that much you can taste. Even with out big appetites, we couldn’t do justice to the wide selection. But on the recommended list are their nachos, burgers and pizzas. On my list for the next time are the Blackened salmon and the New Orleans Jambalaya, both of which sound rather mouthwatering and I couldn’t possibly eat anything else this time around!

If you’re hungry and thirsty, looking for a good value for money meal, then you don’t need to look far. Location: Near 12th cross road on 100 feet road, Indiranagar, very close to the signal.

Costs: Meal for two with drinks would cost around 1700-1800 per person.

Ambience: We dined at the basement floor, which was quite busy during lunch. But it was a weekend. You will probably find it quieter on a weekday.

(Disclosure: On an invite from Chili’s. All opinions expressed are my own).

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