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April showers and cats!

Ah, April showers! When the first few droplets fell on my balcony on Saturday evening, I thought it was my neighbours upstairs cleaning their balcony. When it started raining in earnest, I rushed out and put my hand out to catch the first few droplets. Rain still excites me for some reason. And it’s been so hot and humid over the last few days, that I could almost hear the parched earth asking for some water.

Kit Kit says thankameow!

I laffed and laffed when I read about Usha’s encounter with my pretty little doll while I was away in Chennai last week. Vaish was the chosen one to check in on Kit Kit while I was away. Along with Usha, both of them came around to my place and seemed to have quite an adventure there. Vaish even called Kit Kit a “puppy”. Kit Kit, understandably, has not recovered from the insult ever since! She was telling me about aliens in the house after I got back. Now I know she was referring to both of you! But a special thanks for being such nice aliens, says Kits. And she hopes you will visit her again. Meow!

Who’s the cutest of ’em all?

This is one of my favourite pictures of Kit Kit. I was arranging these toys on the table when she jumped up and sat right in the middle as if to say, “Look, I’m much cuter than all of them!” I know I’m biased, but isn’t she?! Knowing my weakness for feline creatures, my sister sent me this card recently. I know Kit Kit’s going to be really jealous, but I wish they were all mine!