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Who let the cat out? WHO? WHO?!

I thought it was high time that I intervene. I’ve been watching the woman the last few days. And I think I can safely say she’s gone slightly looney. I mean, of course, she always showed signs. But lately, it’s been more and more noticeable. For example: She often rushes around from one room to the other, apparently looking for something that she obviously hasn’t found yet. At times, she looks at me with exasperation saying: “Kit Kit, where the hell is it?” Well, it would be helpful to know what she’s looking for. Then she strums on her guitar, sings ‘Twinkle twinkle’, on a very off key note and then sighs (considering the long way she’s gotta go, it’s no wonder) Sometimes, she sits at the window and talks to the birds (I thought that was my job, but I told you she’s getting looney!) Some days, she leaves me alone at home for long stretches. She rushes in and out. Makes some pacifying noises to let me know she hasn’t forgotten me and …

Cat call

My hubby called early in the morning. No, no, he isn’t missing me yet! He wanted to know where to get the cat food. In the two and a half years we’ve had Kit Kit, he’s bought cat food about twice. From a shop near our house, which no longer keeps her brand. Now, it’s a long journey across the city to Bandra or Kemps Corner – the only two decent stores that offers a variety of pet food and supplies. It gives me immense satisfaction to see the other half making the trip for a change!