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More good times…

Met quite a few bloggers last year. Most recently, it was Lazy Lump who I had a nice chat with over coffee, when I was in Hyderabad (December, 2003). Here’s the picture I’ve been meaning to post for a while.

[With Lazy Lump in front of Barista, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad]

More pictures of my Hyderabad and Bangalore trip are also here.

On Saturday night, I met with Stephanie, a blogger from Switzerland. I’ve been in touch with her off and on. She was in Pune in 1999-2000. And came back for a visit in 2001. Besides her interest in the country, we also have something else in common – our cats! When she said she was making a trip to India, we made plans to meet.

On her way to Pune she stayed a night in Mumbai. She arrived before time and waiting patiently when I reached the airport (there was actually heavy traffic in Andheri at 11.30 pm, God save this city!).

Anyways, brought a visibly tired but really excited Steph home where she eagerly dug into her first meal here. We’re planning to do a bit of travelling together before she leaves India next month, so that should be fun.

Here she is, making friends with Kit Kit, who’s still a little wary of strangers, but made a few shy moves.

A few more pictures in my Bloggers album.


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