Met quite a few bloggers last year. Most recently, it was Lazy Lump who I had a nice chat with over coffee, when I was in Hyderabad (December, 2003). Here’s the picture I’ve been meaning to post for a while.

[With Lazy Lump in front of Barista, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad]

More pictures of my Hyderabad and Bangalore trip are also here.

On Saturday night, I met with Stephanie, a blogger from Switzerland. I’ve been in touch with her off and on. She was in Pune in 1999-2000. And came back for a visit in 2001. Besides her interest in the country, we also have something else in common – our cats! When she said she was making a trip to India, we made plans to meet.

On her way to Pune she stayed a night in Mumbai. She arrived before time and waiting patiently when I reached the airport (there was actually heavy traffic in Andheri at 11.30 pm, God save this city!).

Anyways, brought a visibly tired but really excited Steph home where she eagerly dug into her first meal here. We’re planning to do a bit of travelling together before she leaves India next month, so that should be fun.

Here she is, making friends with Kit Kit, who’s still a little wary of strangers, but made a few shy moves.

A few more pictures in my Bloggers album.

15 thoughts on “More good times…

  1. Anand: Hehe. I linked to it before, remember?! But I’ve forgotten the link now and I can’t find it either. Can you send it to me? I’ll add it to my bloggers album…

  2. Pallavi: We are still trying to decide where. If we go south, maybe you can join us over a weekend for some girls only fun! What say? Any suggestions? You can practice your French!

    Thanks Anand, Patrix!

  3. you wanna do Pondi or maybe some hill station like yercaud or something.. would love to join… eta bhori uthi tahke when i hear travel… heh e !! where are you planning to go ?

  4. Good blog anita:-),and yeah liked going thro the snaps,maybe because not many blogs have entries complimented by snaps!!!!!!!Whatever!Will be back for the next post.Chao!

  5. Hi Anita

    I actually stumbled into your blogpost

    thru a link at some other site.

    I thought your name sounded very familiar..and little surprise later when I realized that you

    are the journo from rediff. Great to see your art work and your online journal.

    Keep us posted ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Hi Anita! Hadn’t been here in a few weeks. Happy Belated New Years and all that Jazz! Anywyas, just wanted to stop and say “Hi!” Let me know if you ever come to US! Peace!

  7. Hmm.. I’ve always wondered why people would want to meet bloggers. Judging by myself, bloggers are a nerdy bunch of closet wisecrackers. Their only reason for existence is annonymity. Why would you want to meet such a person, eh ? But then, what do I know. Maybe the chocolate is finally reaching my brain.

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