16 thoughts on “Snapshots from Tadeyendamol and Namdroling

  1. sorry bijesh! have exhausted my webshots and yahoo galleries. and don’t want to overload my space with pictures 🙂 will put up some of the photos on my photoblog so folks don’t have to sign in!

  2. U can post the snaps by placing the imagestation invite link on u’r blog… Then everybody can view it and it won’t ask them to log in …

    Thats what I have done on my blog … under photoalbums … So, it can be simple …

    As for comments on u’r album… I will leave some 🙂 as soon as i get the mooooood …


  3. Kishore: have to figure that one out yet!

    Madman: i am sure you’re teeming with information. i was actually talking about the more reliable services among the pack.

    Kiruba: Thanks! I guess I’ve been lucky to find some nice people 🙂

  4. Hey Anita,

    Those are some awesome shots. Pray tell how you happened to go on this trek. Was it something that the gang just did on their own or was it some kinda trekking camp package deal thingy?

  5. Navneet: It was with a bunch of about 12 fellow trekkies from work. There’s an adventure group in the office who keep organizing these weekend getaways.

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