after what seemed like ages, i had a nice long four day weekend.

tuesday was a holiday because of janmastami. coupled that with an off on monday and i had four precious days to catch up on pending work and friends, prabal, mona and their little one, who had come down from mumbai.

saturday night after introducing the pals to the joys of shioks, jil and rocky decided that we needed chai to shake off the effects of the numerous cocktails we had consumed (smooth lover, arctic kiss, arctic blue, madhu’s illusion). so it was past midnight when we headed to mg road. i realised it was the first time i was venturing out to that part of town at that time of the hour. was pleasantly surprised to find it a hub of activity. the chaiwallah was hiding from the cops, but resourceful pals managed to hunt him down and we managed to get the tea.

on sunday, despite an overwhelming temptation to join all of them for a short trip, i settled for french grammar while the pals enjoyed a nice day at sravanabelagola, hassan and halebid.

on monday, it was my turn to play host. the out-of-towners were back. decided it was time to show off bangalore. slight hitch – bad roads and heavy traffic. no parking on mg road. but despite everything, i acted like a true blue bangalorean for a day as i took them around. mg road. koramangala. lalbagh. the road to lalbagh via diary circle had turned into a dirt race track and my poor ma cherie was bobbing up and down and i was terrified that she would protest and stop right there in one of the horrible mud bumps. i could see some of the heavier buses in front actually slipping because of the mud heaps. i tried to maintain a safe distance from the huge monsters not liking the idea of being crushed under them.

lunch with a view happened at the 13th floor on mg road. they have a decent buffet. if you’re that side in the afternoon, it’s worth a try and pretty reasonably priced too. friends were surprised to see the prices (compared to mumbai). i said, ‘bangalore is like this only’ :).

went gallivanting around mg road on tuesday and caught up my long pending shopping. went a little overboard and bought 4 pairs of shoes. though there is some kind of a myth about women and shoes, which does not apply to me, i decided to subscribe to it. visited gangaram, higginbothams and decided not to buy anymore books (for a change!).

fixed the worldspace connection at home after tinkering around with it for about a month. i’ve been doing merry dance on my balcony to find the ‘beam’ all this time. tried my luck again yesterday and voila, there was the beam! and music – hiphop, riffraff, rock, classical, hindi, remix and even french radio!

Now I’m going home to worldspace 🙂

16 thoughts on “A long weekend, shoes and worldspace

  1. Show off bangalore 🙂 well the out of towners would get scared of our unfinished fly overs and terrible traffic i guess.

    Worldspace , well that sure is something nice to come home to 🙂

  2. Hi,

    This site is really cool, I am also a travel lover and keep on travelling almost every weekend.

    I am enjoying reading the articles, I am looking for some good trekking and river rafting,

    Can you let me know which is the best.



  3. Have had a terrible experience with WS. Bought a BPL system, couldn’t fix the receiver…had to pay 150 bucks for the WS guys to come and fix it…to top it he didn’t preset all the channels…always had to keep on searching….and then the pigeons knocked it down … danced on the terrace for 10 days trying to set it up…couldn’t ….didn’t want to pay 150 bucks again to the damned WS guys….Radio City 91FM works fine for me….

  4. Bijesh: Yes, thankfully they’re from Bombay where it’s pretty much the same. Though they’re way ahead in terms of the flyovers 🙂 But the good news is that the Dairy Circle one is supposedly going to be finished by Sept 15 (unless they meant 2005 🙂

  5. Mehak: You and every woman 🙂

    Lohit: There are many treks in and around Bangalore. The best thing is to buy the 52 Weekend Breaks from Bangalore and enjoy. It’s filled with information and you can’t go wrong with it!

    Raj: The WS guy wanted 100 bucks to come and show me how the radio works because the manual sucks! But I decided not to go for it and got a helpful friend to fix it instead 🙂 And saved 100 bucks!

    Madman: Just like that. Felt like expressing myself in lower case 🙂 Will remember that next time I am out after midnight!

  6. I have been listening to worldspace ever since they started in India, anita!

    welcome to the gang, hhmmm!

    my fav channels: radio voyager, the hop, upop

  7. Danto: I know you’ve been a long time fan. Ashok uses to swear by Worldspace too. I’m not sure if he still subscribes. I did get the feeling that it is not so popular in Mumbai though. Still discovering the different channels. But I like Voyager, Orbit Rock, Indigo (sometimes), Up Country… and French Radio (which I hope will help me understanding the language better!)

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