Month: November 2004

Look who’s turned a year older!

He quit the corporate world to start his own restaurant He is famous for his sarcasm and scepticism He is known to prefer the company of monkeys! I guess you know who I’m talking about by now. A very very happy birthday to the guy we all know as Madman and who introduced me and my sister to fine South East Asian cuisine with a wonderful home-cooked meal last year! Do hope Shiok grows from strength to strength and more and more Bangaloreans (and beyond) discover the art of fine dining… Do hope you grow crankier as the years go by! And do hope you get most of the stuff on your wish list, including your BMW 🙂

nouveaux projets!

Looks like the end of the year has brought about creative spurts in everyone. Lavannya has started a group called ‘Chillies and Chutney’ for food lovers in Bangalore (and beyond). Vaish and Vinay have started a blog called ‘Francesay’ for those interested in discussing the French language and anything concerning France. And I’ve just got an email reminder that I am supposed to spread the word around regarding the Indi Bloggies 2004. So here I am doing the needful. Please go forth and multiply (the message I mean)!

Of love letters

Some facts about the play Tumhari Amrita I watched yesterday at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall. It has been running for 13 years! With the original cast of Farooque Shaikh and Shabana Azmi Uses no props except two tables and chairs and a whole lot of letters It’s directed by Feroze Khan The play also has a sequel called Aapki Soniya It’s an adaption of Love Letters by AR Guerney It was a seamless performance by the two stars. And since there wasn’t much movement to distract you, they had to depend on their words to keep the audience captivated through about one and a half hours. Of course, having performed it countless times, the actors probably can sleep through it. But you wouldn’t guess from their expressions. Shabana has a great voice and stage presence. The play explores the relationship between the two protagonists built up largely on the basis of their correspondence over 37 years. It’s sad at times, touching and funny at others. All in all, a really great watch. If it’s coming …

Can we have the movies back, please!

The current status quo over the screening of Hindi films is not only affecting the distributors, it is also affecting regular cine-goers who I am sure are missing out on their daily dose of entertainment. One of the spokesperson said that this is ?the last opportunity to save the language (Kannada)? (TOI, Nov 24). Last opportunity? That sounds a little too much, really. I understand people’s concern regarding their language, but surely there is a better way to ensure this than to target another language? That too, an Indian one, the last time I checked. I thought entertainment is entertainment, notwithstanding the language. Shouldn’t I as a viewer have the right to decide what movie I want to watch and in what language? Why should a group of activists decide for me? This takes away my freedom to watch what I want, when I want. If I want to enjoy a Hindi movie, I shouldn’t have to wait for 7 weeks just because someone else thinks that Kannada is suffering. I am all for preservation …

Marathon (eating sessions and a play!)

Spent a whirlwind 4 days in Mumbai during Diwali. This is what my schedule was like: * Eating * Shopping * Chatting with friends (actually trying to above the loud cracker bursts) * Eating some more * Shopping some more * Chatting some more! Mumbai looked pretty, especially during the night. All lighted up, decked in her most resplendent jewellery, she shone and sparkled. In fact, flying out on Sunday evening, I looked out of the window and the usually lighted city looked even brighter, and with the crackers going off at regular intervals, it made for a pretty sight indeed. I found it unusually hot. I think I’ve got a little spoilt after the cooler climes of Bangalore. I also realized that there is no city like Mumbai for shopping! So I made the most of my trip, with a willing friend who kept telling me how much she misses all our shopping expeditions. Visited heaps of old friends. Spent some precious time with them. Eating. Chatting. Catching up. It was hectic all right. …

Of sunsets

If there’s something that I am really fascinated by, it’s the vast expanse of the sky. Sometimes I’m driving down the long road to office, so fascinated by the changing colours and pretty patterns that I almost forget that I should have my eyes on the road! And one thing I love about Bangalore is the clear blue expanse of skies, whenever the sun is out. Believe me, after six years in Mumbai, I forgot that there could actually be blue skies! And that one could actually see the sun set! Little forgotten pleasures 🙂 I am yet to see the perfect sunset however! Or to capture it on film. But have you had such a moment when you looked at the horizon and felt: this is just the most perfect scene you have ever witnessed?