December is:

– Chilly mornings and hot cups of tea
– A sheen of mist on the green grass
– Hot dosas for breakfast right off the steaming tava
– Cuddling up with a warm blanket with the cat πŸ™‚
– Bangalore Habba!

This season seems to be packed with things to do and see. Have watched two plays already – Tumhari Amrita and Zen Katha. There’s also Rahul da Cunha’s Class of 84 (Dec 10) and Pune Highway (Dec 11) to look forward to.

Last year, I was in Bangalore for a visit during December when I caught a great fusion music session with Taufiq Qureshi and gang at the Bangalore Palace Grounds during the Vasant Habba celebrations!

Here’s some of what you can expect this year:
Dec 5: Hindustani classical evening
Dec 6: Laughing Wild (Play)
Dec 6: Nrityagram’s Odissi Ensemble
Dec 11: Strings (Pakistani pop group)
Dec 12: Shankar Mahadevan with Silk

This year, the celebrations are supposed to be bigger and better with over 1,000 artistes in the fields of music, dance and stage arts, entertainers, magicians, films, comedies etc. participating. And loads of other events like Kannada plays, fashion shows, magic acts etc. So if you’re in Bangalore, don’t complain there’s nothing to do!

Bangalore Habba

10 thoughts on “Let the fun and games begin!

  1. guess the ban askd by kannada movies will have its uninteded effect…

    coming to that romantic picture of winter…

    how on earth one can have a cake & eat it too…!!

  2. Hi,

    I like your blog. How do I get information on the play on Dec 6th? Also in general is there a website or something online, where I can information on events in Bangalore?



  3. Krishna: it’s not impossible!

    Chetan: I think it’s much more than the weather!!

    Ashish: It’s been all over the papers in the last few days.

    Rohit: Enjoying December so far πŸ™‚

    Asha: The papers have details as to where the passes are available. Mostly at the venues on the day before. And for some events, Cafe Coffee Day and a few other places. Check the papers!

  4. Last time there it was very difficult to get the tickets for any of the events.

    But this time the arrangement is good and there are more tickets for the big shows like the ones in palace grounds.

    There are ads in all papers…the BH phone line is 51344660

  5. Did you mean Shankar Mahadeven with Silk Route? Given Shankar’s sartorial sense, he’d be at home with Satin, me thinks! πŸ˜‰

    PS: Its Kutcheri time here, Anita and boy, lots of fun here too. HOpe to make it to Mandolin Srinivas’s concert! πŸ™‚

  6. Ravi: Actually, it was SILK and as I found out later the band contained Louis Banks, Carl Peters, Shivamani and Shivram (I think). He was quite at home with them, I must say πŸ™‚ Mandolin Srinivas is a name?

  7. Darn, i feel jealous of all the guys who got to enjoy B’lore Habba. I am from Bangalore, but have been living in the US for the last 5 years missing all the action πŸ™ anyways enjoy guys!! Full maja maadi.

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