It’s that time of the year! For introspection. For looking inwards. Outwards. In fact, for looking in whatever direction you want. Think a little. Laugh a little. Cry a little. And what’s more. Gear up for yet another revolution of the earth around the sun!

Now for the questions:

  1. Your ‘high’ moment of the year.
  2. Your ‘low’ moment of the year.
  3. Faux pas/greatest regret.
  4. Something that got you ‘almost famous’ and nearly catapulted you into the Hall of Fame.
  5. The 3 things you wanted to do the most this year, and did!
  6. The 3 things you wanted to do the most this year, and couldn’t/didn’t!
  7. Number of resolutions you made for 2004. And how many you actually stuck to.
  8. The list of cities/ places/ countries you visited in 2004.
  9. Your movie of the year award goes to…
  10. A friend lost? A friend found? A friend made?
  11. You will remember 2004 as the year of …
  12. The 3 things you really want to do in 2005.
  13. A set of 13 words that will be your keywords for 2005!

There you go.

Please do answer these questions on your own blog/journal/diary space if possible and leave the link in my comments box. The Q&As I like the best, will get a special surprise prize. (Surprise, because, I don’t know what it’s going to be either :).

But I’m feeling like sharing and giving as the year comes to an end, so give it a shot. Please link to this post if you answer the questions and want to win something to end the year on a high note!

Happy introspecting, ay?

23 thoughts on “CONTEMPLATE. CONFESS. COMPLETE.<BR>The 2004 Year-End 13 Q&A

  1. Hey Anita,

    Thanks for dropping in and leaving a message in my blog. Hmm the questionaire seems to be interesting.I will surely try to fill it up to win a prize.

    Ok dude catch you later…….

    One more thing,,ya we treked in the first week of October….some more treks to follow in the future…will keep u updated…..

  2. joe: hope to see them soon 🙂

    santosh kumar: thanks for the invite…

    cv raman: yes, of course! pretty soon 🙂

    bablu: thanks for taking the quiz!

  3. ok anita…will try and answer them on my blog!! found ’em very intruguing! will let you know when the post is up! and link you for sure!

  4. it is turning out to be b2b…

    do all bloggers have such deep interest in answering these questions??

    i have only one question for all the years to come…

    will i be handsome ..will i be rich…

    and answer …que sera sera…

    time is fleeting by…

    there aint much sand in the timer…

  5. I will do that Anita. I think itz creative. I usually sum up the incidents of a year but never thought about this questionare. Great!

  6. thanks shub! will look out for it 🙂 and preferably this year!

    Rini: Do give it a go 🙂 I will post mine. Soon!

    thanks rebel and prashant! that was interesting reading.

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