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Weekend Musings

I’ve been using Flickr.com pretty frequently since it appeared on the Web. I like the interface and the presentation of the application. On Sunday night over dinner at a place called Magnolia, we – Adel, Kaushal and I – were discussing the Web’s next apps. Actually, I was pretty zonked having been awake since about 6 am in the morning, but the two of them were going great guns.

Amongst the topic of the conversation was Flickr.com and who it would sell out to. And hey – they must’ve heard us – because the news broke the next day that Ludicorp was selling out to Yahoo! I’ve been thinking about getting a Flickr pro account, but now I think I’ll just wait and see for a while longer.

Kaushal is another Mumbaiite who has moved to Bangalore recently and is currently in the process of settling down in the new city. He blogs at kronicles.blogspot.com. In fact, there’s news that another Mumbai blogger (and we’re not naming him yet) is moving to Bangalore soon. So looks quite a few people are looking southwards 🙂

We also caught a movie called Chai Pani etc before dinner. When Adel told me about the movie, I thought it was one of those 3rd grade gangster flicks. When he said it had Konkona Sen Sharma I felt a little better (that woman is everywhere these days!). The movie was actually quite good. I had seen the main actor, Zafar Karachiwala in a play called Class of 84 a couple of months ago and found him pretty good. The only thing I found strange was Konkona playing a double role (though she did a good job), the two characters she played were looking too similar. Even though they dressed up one in khadi, long kurtas, dupattas, bindis and nose rings. The movie made an attempt to show how life goes on in India – despite everything – and though the concept was not new, the treatment was pretty good and it had its fun moments. Worth a watch, if you are looking for something to do after a hard day at work!

Also watched Aviator on Sat evening. I know it’s been written about everywhere. I actually thought the movie was a little too long (the feeling you get after an Ashutosh Gowarikar film!). But the acting was good. Leonardo and Cate Blanchett were excellent. I can imagine why Leonardo would have been disappointed to lose out on the Oscars. But apparently, James Foxx was even better in Ray, according to those who have seen the movie. I missed it when it came to Bangalore, so I will have to wait till the video is released.


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