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Have you watched…

…Omkara yet?

Quite a watch, I must say. Firstly, I have to admit that I did not understand a lot of the dialect spoken in the movie. Not being a native Hindi speaker, most of my abilities were picked up during my 5 years in Mumbai. And Mumbaiya hindi does not really help! But apart from that little obstacle, I would say that it’s quite a interesting adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello in an Indian setting.

Among the actors, Saif was impressive and so was Ajay Devgan and Konkona Sen Sharma (who is always such a delight to watch). The surprise for me was Kareena, who once, without make-up and her usual trademark pouts actually puts in a decent performance as fair Desdemona (and fair she is :).

A must-watch from my side. And preferably take one good Hindi speaker to get the translations!

The other movie that I enjoyed was Yun Hota To Kya Hota. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the overdramatic ending. I thought Naseeruddin Shah could have hinted at the events that took place instead of showing us all the details all over again.

Konkana is her usual good self : expressive and beautiful. The other cameo worth watching out for is Boman Irani. Then there’s a cute curly haired nerdy kid who keeps spouting shudh Hindi and is apparently Naseer’s son. The only role that seemed a little overplayed was Konkona’s mother-in-law. There was no explanation as to why she’s an American and her act really jarred. Mostly because she came across as a raving lunatic without any particular reason.

The movie deals with the ‘what if’ possibility and don’t we all wonder about it sometimes 🙂

And another movie I really enjoyed was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Johnny Depp makes one hell of a sexy pirate and has some funny, witty lines that will keep you laughing. He’s an amazing actor and I can’t really imagine anyone else in that role. He gives Jack Sparrow an identity that we are unlikely to forget for a while. The end as usual is open-ended, thus paving the way for another sequel.


  1. Hassi Badi Mangi Horaki hey Dhunia mey need no explanations all that she is giving in her dialogue presentation! beautiful konkana Sen.

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