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4 jours à Paris and more!

Finally, finally!

After much plotting and planning, the vacation I’ve been dreaming of for a while…

My UK and French visas have arrived. The Swiss one is proving to be more problematic. In fact, they now want several supporting documents like who I am visiting in the UK. And how do I know someone in Switzerland! What the hell does it matter and what difference does it make to them?! Really frustrating. (Update: By some divine intervention, the Swiss visa is also through! Yippee!!). I also got an invite from a couple I met while skiing in Auli this year to visit them in Spain where they will be based for a while, so I am also planning to do a couple of days in Barcelona.

Anyway, if after all this, it does come through, I start with a visit to London where my sweet friend S lives.

Then to Barcelona to spend a few days with Romain & Emma, then to Lausanne to meet mon amie, Stephanie in Lausanne and the handsome Bagha!


After that, the plan is to get myself to Paris and spend some time walking around the city. I have 4 days and no plan as of now. And I don’t know anyone. So if any of you have any ideas and suggestions as to what I can see in the city (especially if you’ve been there), please leave them in the comments box. (Jag, thanks a lot for that long mail!).

Paris, France

I don’t have too much time in London. S is heavily pregnant so I doubt she will be able to show me around 🙂 But with London’s efficient tube and bus system, hopefully I shall be able to travel around with any problems.


Will also try and catch up with Sunrayz, Anand and Jag, of course, if it’s convenient and all the stars get aligned in the right planetary positions.

And from there I go onto Scotland with my sister.


And then head back home in November.

So there, I have much packing to do. Final level 2B French exams on Sunday. And a heavy work schedule till next Tuesday. (Update: Work over! Exams disastrous :).

So I’m going to disappear for a while. However, I shall definitely surface wherever I get an internet connection and update.

Please, please do leave any suggestions you might have though! (Thanks folks for all the suggestions! My list is growing by the day).


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